Russia List

News, newsletters and podcasts

Meduza – one of the best Russian/English-language resources of Russian news; make sure you subscribe to their newsletter and podcasts
The Moscow Times – another great English-language resource of Russian news with podcasts on politics, language and culture; a Russian-language edition now also exists.
Bear Market Brief – essential newsletter and podcast focusing on Russia and the former USSR
In Moscow’s Shadows – blog and podcast by Mark Galeotti on Russia
OGs and OFZs – in-depth analysis of Russia’s political economy by Nick Birman-Trickett
Faridaily – reports and commentary by Farida Rustamova
Eastern Radar – Fabrice Deprez collects and comments on news from the wider Eurasian region; recently focused on Russia’s war in Ukraine.
The Russia Guy – Meduza editor Kevin Rothrock talks to people in Russia-focused journalism, academia and activism
Postsocialism – Jeremy Morris on how Russia has changed since 1991
Sean’s Russia Blog – Sean Guillory about Russia yesterday, today, tomorrow, with a great weekly podcast
The Bell – news and newsletter (together with the Russian edition of the Moscow Times) on Russia
Novaya Gazeta – Russia’s Nobel-laureate daily with a weekly English-language newsletter and investigations (for more investigative reports see below)
Mediazona – news site focusing on law, law enforcement and the regions, now with an English-language edition.

Dozhd TV
Ekho (formerly known as Ekho Moskvy)
Zhivoy Gvozd (also formerly known as Ekho Moskvy)
Current Time – produced by RFE/RL and VOA; follow them for their live reports

The political independence of Russia’s leading business papers has suffered, but it’s worth following them for economic analysis: RBC and Kommersant.


Riddle Russia – leading experts on Russian issues
Carnegie Moscow Center – in-depth analysis of Russian politics
Re:Russia – analytic platform primarily for Russian scholars, led by Kirill Rogov
Russia.Post – “humanities corridor” for news analysis and longer analytical pieces
Levada Center – Russia’s last remaining independent public opinion pollster
Russia Watcher – daily tracker of Russian public opinion, by Princeton scholars – analysis from some of the leading voices in Russian journalism (paywalled)
Posle – Russian left-wing, anti-war analytical and commentary platform
Institute of Modern Russia – a now-defunct collection of articles on Russia for the American public; archive steill available

Serious Telegram analysis: Tatyana Stanovaya and R.Politik; Ekaterina Schulmann; Alexander Kynev; Mikhail Komin; Max Trudolyubov

Former Yekaterinburg mayor Yevgeny Roizman’s Twitter replies – the most concise and spirited ‘analysis’ you’ll ever find.

Investigative journalism

Agentstvo – the new project of the former Proekt investigative site
IStories – investigative reports
The Insider – investigative reports, Bellingcat’s Russian partner
Vyorstka – reports and investigations about social issues
Navalny’s YouTube channel

News and reports from the regions

Chernovik – Dagestan and the North Caucasus
Caucasian Knot – news and analysis from Southern Russia and the Caucasus – news from and about Siberia
Holod – in-depth reports and stories from Northern Russia
Fontanka – St. Petersburg
7×7 – news primarily from Western and Northwestern Russia
Vesma – news from the Russian Far East
Krym.Realii – Crimea under occupation, RFE/RL affiliated
Sever.Realii – Northern Russia, RFE/RL affiliated
Sibir.Realii – Siberia, RFE/RL affiliated

For people to follow on Twitter (and perhaps now also on Mastodon), Kevin Rothrock’s Russia list and Russian media list are good places to start.

Disclaimer: the above list is not exhaustive. I certainly forgot about people and publications worth following. If this angers, bothers or frustrates you, please leave a comment or DM me on Twitter.