Recent Articles & Media

We Understand You, on similarities and differences between authoritarian trajectories in Hungary and Russia (commentary), Meduza, April 2022
Control, Development, Legitimacy, and the 2024 Problem: Russia Two Years Before the End of Putin’s 4th Term (report), FPRI, March 2022
Putin’s Illiberal Pals Are Down But Not Out, CEPA, March 2022
Will Russia Cancel Its Next Elections? Riddle, March 2022
A Broken Record: Time for Western Resolve, CEPA, February 2022
Hungary Election: Putting Orban Under the Microscope, CEPA, January 2022
The West Needs Resolve (and Introspection) on Ukraine, CEPA, November 2021
Russia’s (cancelled) ecological referenda, Riddle, October 2021
Article series on Russian federalism, Institute of Modern Russia, 2020-22
Putin’s Rusting Iron Fist, CEPA, September 2021
Russia’s Dodgy Duma Election Part 1 & Part 2, CEPA, September 2021
Russian Data: Returning the Toothpaste to the Tube, CEPA, August 2021
Force vs. Smartness, BNE, May 2021
Elections Matter in Russia, CEPA, April 2021
Évekre rács mögé zárják Alekszej Navalnijt (in Hungarian), interview on Patria Radio, Slovakia, February 2021
Bear Market Brief podcast: Hindsight is 2020, December 2020
Russia’s regional projects: the uneasy dilemma underlying Russia’s scramble to accelerate development, BNE Intellinews, December 2020
Mi történik Belaruszban? (in Hungarian), interview on Patria Radio, Slovakia, August 2020
The Russia Guy podcast, E109: on arresting Khabarovsk’s governor, July 2020
A lehetőségek művészete (in Hungarian), Élet és Irodalom, January 2020
Választás után, választás előtt (in Hungarian), Élet és Irodalom, September 2019
Egy valószínűtlen felszabadulás (in Hungarian), Élet és Irodalom, June 2019
In Moldovan crisis, an opportunity for the EU to act, Balkan Insight, June 2019
An opportunity for the EU to give Ukraine a helping hand, New Atlanticist, November 2018

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