Ten questions

To put an end to my having neglected the blog for the last month, I intend to come up with a longer and thorougher entry. As a preparation, below are ten questions which I think are the most important and appropriate to ask now that we’re nearing 4 December, the first anniversary of the Duma elections. I will try to come up with some kind of answer to at least some of these, but comments, as usual, are welcome.

10 appropriate questions to ask on the anniversary of the Duma elections

  1. Have the past months strengthened, weakened or just changed the nature of Putin’s influence and his role in the system?
  2. When exactly do we arrive to the point where Medvedev must and can be dismissed? Is there already a split in the vertical?
  3. Who will be the next Prime Minister of Russia and what does it mean?
  4. Which groups are the main winners and the biggest losers of the past few months?
  5. Do the current changes have a driving force, a direction, a visible pattern, that is, are they mostly under control or less so?
  6. Are conflicts within the government and conflicts between the Parliament and the Presidential Administration interconnected?
  7. Will there be a second governing party? If not, what will the fate of ONF (All-Russian Popular Front) be? If yes, what will its role be?
  8. Why has the opposition lost its way? What should it do to recover it?
  9. Has the Russian society gotten any closer to its point of explosion this year?
  10.  Will the siloviki be the first to rebel, or will it be the liberals?

The lines are open, ladies and gentlemen. See you soon!

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