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Dependence and addiction

Everything seemed to be going Vladimir Putin’s way. The attacks on Paris tilted European politics in his favour and as he was basking in this newfound indispensability in Turkey, he also started mending fences with Turkey. The Turkish Stream was … Continue reading

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A Cold War summit

Vladimir Putin’s speech in front of the UN General Assembly, topped off with a meeting with Barack Obama became a media sensation even before it happened. And when it did, it was pretty much what everyone expected. What Putin most … Continue reading

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An obituary

Yes, I read the news today. Vladimir Putin is alive and seemingly well. His handshake is firm, judging from the expression on the face of the president of Kyrgyzstan, and he may even have driven the car between two places … Continue reading

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Russia’s greatest challenges for the next decade

I recently authored a report for Wikistrat, based on a collaborative brainstorming exercise of more than forty global experts, on Russia’s greatest challenges for the next decade. The crowdsourced analysis took place in February, before the formal annexation of Crimea, … Continue reading

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Bumps ahead

2013 was clearly the year of Vladimir Putin. After an embarrassing 2011 and a whacky 2012, the Russian president solidified his grip on the domestic political realm, tightened the screws so efficiently that by the end of the year he … Continue reading

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Protected: Teamwork

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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